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Why Is SEO Such A Great Marketing Strategy In Eagle Pass?

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How Effective Is SEO For A Business In Eagle Pass?

Collected data has shown that organic search engine listings play a huge role in getting traffic and high-quality clients to businesses, and it’s impressive. Page 1 on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) consists of an overall 92% click through rate, which means if your website is ranking on page 1 for the keywords “Eagle Pass Criminal Attorney” and 2000 people search for it per month, about 1,840 potential clients are going to click on those listings on the 1st page. The #1 position will receive about 33% of those clicks on average, which are around 660 potential clients. Now let’s say out of those 660 potential clients, 15% turn out to become a paying client, that’s an estimated 99 new clients per month that this business is profiting from having their website at the #1 position.

In reality, results show a higher conversion rate than the 15% mentioned above, which is usually over 20%, and the actual number of searches for that keyword runs over 3,000 per month. The businesses themselves are responsible for having a good reputation with their clients to ensure people will continue to use their services. Higher conversions is key in raising revenue, which is why we also specialize in creating high-converting sales funnels on your website by using various internet marketing techniques. This results in an increase in conversion rates and a higher number of new clients that resulted in revenue, and we’ve mastered these traffic and conversion methods.

Another interesting fact is that SEO is taking over PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisement in the sense that organic listings received 85% of all the clicks within the search engines, and surveys say about 75% of users have claimed they ignore paid ads showing up on their results page due to spammy behavior. Which shows another reason why every business interested in growth should invest in SEO and go green with organic advertisement.

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Page 1 Ranking 92%
#1 Position Click Rate 33%
Organic Vs Paid Ads 85%
Users Who Ignore Paid Ads 75%

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Professional Search Engine Optimization Services In Eagle Pass

Just like every other service providers in the world, there are good ones, there are excellent ones, there are mediocre ones, and you will find bad ones who are rip-offs. When the business wants an Eagle Pass SEO analyst to help enhance their web site, how can they understand they’re finding a reputable and professional Search Engine Optimization services which will not leave their web site worse than it is now? You can find alot of SEO agencies which can be found all around the globe, and you will find a few qualities that web site owners need to look at seriously before ever hiring one, including:

• Research their Standing – Take some time to consider different companies and do a little analysis on the kind of service they offer.

• Speak to previous clients to see how successful their customer service is and when they live up to the things they advertise.

• Look in the “About Us” page on their site and get the info on the business history, reviews, and list in their leadership team.

• Call the business or send an e-mail from their web site and see how quickly they react along with how professional they have been in answering questions satisfactorily without feeling hurried or being managed by a ‘smooth operator’.

• Recommendations from Friends with Successful sites – There is little better than word of mouth marketing when a company does an excellent job. Since professional SEO services have been in such demand as of now, they may be some companies that do not offer the industry-leading SEO strategies that Market ME SEO delivers. Get recommendations from friends who’ve used a Search Engine Optimization service which has significantly enhanced their service and offers outstanding customer service.

The founder of Market Me SEO was born and raised in Eagle Pass, until he established the company to fulfill his dream of becoming a top SEO expert in Texas. Search Engine Optimization can change businesses all around the world since internet marketing holds a strong foundation when it comes to new leads coming in from the search engines. Your website will be displayed right in front of all the potential clients that are going to the search engines to find your services in Eagle Pass and surrounding cities, depending on your service area. Market Me SEO has no competition in Eagle Pass when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, we will dominate any competition you have!

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