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Build Authority

Ranking #1 on search engines puts your business on top of your competitors and gives your brand a higher authority. It gives the impression that you are a leader in your industry of service within your area, therefore giving you the advantage on client getting.

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Better ranking websites show on first page in search engines

Bigger Audience

Your business will be able to reach everyone in and out of Dallas that search for the keywords you are ranking for, whether it’s on their desktop or mobile device. Unlike Pay-Per-Click advertising, your business website will still show up in their results page even if they have an ad-blocker installed on their device.


Targeted Clients

Unlike other marketing strategies in Dallas that consist of advertising your business to random people in hope that it will attract clients, search engine marketing provides the highest conversion rate since these people are going through search engines to find the services your business provides. Therefore if your business shows up in their results they are more likely to choose a business on top of the list, which is why ranking on the top results is so important.


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Top 3 Search Engines

Why Search Engine Marketing Is Hard To Ignore

Statistics have shown that SEO plays a huge role in getting traffic to your business website, and it’s pretty impressive. Page 1 on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) consists of 92% click through rate, which means if your website is ranking on page 1 for the keywords “Dallas Attorney” and 2000 people search for it, about 1,840 potential clients are going to click on those websites listed. The #1 position will receive about 33% of those people on average, which are around 660 potential clients. Now let’s say out of those 660 people, 15 percent turn out to become your client, that’s 99 new clients that came from having your website at the #1 position. In the real world, results show a higher conversion rate than the 15% mentioned above, and the actual number of people searching that keyword runs between 2,000-3,000 per month. We also specialize in turning your business website into a client-converting funnel using various marketing techniques, since that is as important as ranking it in the search engines. SEO organic advertisement is taking over PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisement in the sense that organic listings received 85% of all the clicks within the search engines, and surveys say about 75% of users have claimed they ignore paid ads showing up on their results page. Which shows another reason why every business interested in growth should invest in SEO and go green with organic advertisement.


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Page 1 Ranking 92%
#1 Position Click Rate 33%
Organic Vs Paid Ads 85%
Users Who Ignore Paid Ads 75%

Professional SEO Agency in Dallas

Search Engine Optimization services in Dallas are in high demand, which is why choosing the right SEO agency is important. If your business website is not showing on the 1st page of the search engine results, you are losing the 92% of the leads obtained by the websites listed on this page. Your competition is benefiting from having their business website ranking better than yours, but thankfully we can get you there. Dallas is a competitive city when it comes to business and SEO, but the invest that invest are in a good position for potential business growth. To do Search Engine Optimization in Dallas and it’s surrounding cities consists of researching the competition and setting up the proper SEO blueprint to produce the highest rankings with the long-term authority, thankfully we are no stranger to that.

Here at Market Me SEO we provide industry-leading Search Engine Optimization in Dallas and all other major cities in Texas. Our establishment is growing more and more as time goes by, and we want to see our client’s businesses do the same. Dallas is a beautiful city full of opportunities and attractions that people from all around the states visit tremendously, the search engines have large number of searches with the keyword “Dallas’ in it. Search Engine Optimization can help any business obtain a lot of clients effortlessly, and our state-of-the-art SEO can get your website in the middle of all these potential clients.

Our Dallas SEO agency specializes in all business types, even if they have multiple offices each providing services in different areas. Websites can be reached at a global level and the possibilities of internet marketing are limitless, especially in a large metropolitan area like Dallas. Search Engine Optimization opened the doors to long-term business growth opportunities, making your website able to attract new clients using the free-traffic brought in from the search engines. No need to keep investing in costly pay-per-click paid advertisement, instead create a digital asset from your current website for the long-term success for your business.

We limit our extensive knowledge in SEO for each client and we do not work with their competition within their service area, and with this we can help our clients reach their long-term goals. We want to establish a good relationship with our clients in and out of Dallas, so we get busy showing them results and growth. Let us be your preferred choice for Search Engine Optimization in Dallas, and feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.

Why Choose Market Me SEO?

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Industry Leading SEO

Our SEO knowledge and strategies are dominant to what most SEO agencies in Dallas are doing. We constantly keep track of better ways to improve our skills to better serve businesses taking their brand to the next level.


Ongoing Research

We keep up with Google’s constantly changing algorithm, and we adjust our client’s websites accordingly. It is our priority to serve the best quality SEO services available in Dallas and anywhere else, therefore we strive to have the most up-to-date knowledge and information.


Best Tools

We use the best resources available to get the job done the right way, quality over quantity. This gives us a better foundation on our client’s website to avoid having any site lose it’s ranking in the search engines.

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Highest ROI’s

We have seen ROI’s go further than 10X the cost of SEO services, depending on the area and quality of our client’s business. We do our best to get the job done on our side, so results also depend on how the businesses take care of their clients on the other end. Nothing is more satisfying than to see our client’s business reach a new level, investing in SEO in Dallas is a must for businesses looking to get there.


Referral Program For Clients

We love what we do so we offer a compensation to client’s who want to refer our SEO services to other businesses in Dallas or any other city they want to help out. Our main goal is to provide all business owners with the opportunity to invest in internet marketing and for them to discover how effective these strategies are. In the end, we are all a winning team of entrepreneurs who are trying to improve our businesses and therefore provide more jobs and services with higher revenues.