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Conversion funnel for internet marketing strategies

Why Is Web Design Important?

When a potential customer clicks on a website on their search engine results, the key is to have them on your website long enough to convert. This process runs like a funnel, which is illustrated in the left, and each prospect that comes in your website will make a decision within the first 10 seconds to continue looking at your website or move on with the next one. The first thing that the prospect will see is the web design, and a non-attractive business site will most likely be turned out no matter how good their services are. It brings the impression that a higher quality business website equals a higher quality service or product. This also shows how the business is serious about investing in their brand’s presentation. The content of the website is also important, the services that your business provides should be easily accessible to the potential client with good information on why they should pick you. These marketing methods show great results in our client’s business websites and have a higher conversion rate than any other form of advertisement. At Market Me SEO we know all about web designs that are pleasing to the audience as well as to how to convert them.

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Business Growth Online

Marketing your business online is the only way to obtain clients who consider the search engines to find services or products. How your website presents itself is critical in this situation to attract these new clients, that’s why online presentation is an important subject to consider.

Mobile Friendly Websites

We develop websites that work flawlessly on any device, whether it’s a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. This is one of the main reasons we do so well in our SEO services, since search engines rank websites that load fast on multiple platforms better it gives us a greater advantage.

Innovative Designs

We build custom websites depending on your personal likes and business needs. Whether you have your own idea or show us a template of another sample website, we can build it for you. We can also remodel your current site for that updated look you may be searching for.

Reliable Security

Our websites are hosted through the most trusted and reliable servers available, unless the client decides on they’re own host. We depend on reliability to keep our websites working properly with as little down-time as possible, and we provide a list of the most top rated hosts in the market.

A Powerful Combination

Web Design + SEO = $$$

Nothing impresses a potential client more than a attractive business website with useful content. Clients looking for these services to help with their problems feel more comfortable seeking information through professional looking websites. This gives business owners a better opportunity to convert these impressions into profits, so take your business website seriously since it shows the digital representation of your brand. Add some search engine optimization and social media branding to your website and you will have an online foundation that converts clients higher than any other marketing strategy.

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Optimization in addition to web design shows better profits

A High-Converting Website & Search Engine Optimization Were …

Higher Revenues

More Leads

Client Magnet

Higher Authority

Website Analytics Tracking

We monitor every client’s website through analytics tools to keep record of all activity occurring in their sites. This gives us further information on how to better optimize and convert those business sites. We routinely send out analytic reports to our clients to show any improvements in their site and to provide an overall view of what to expect in upcoming events.

Web Design + SEO Promotion

Here at Market Me SEO we strive to provide the best services available anywhere today. We greatly appreciate our clients and those who are considering our services, and as a bonus, we are offering 10% off our web design and SEO services when you combine them both. We want all of our current and soon-to-be clients to continue to have more success in their business, and this is a lending hand from us to you.